Phil chosen as mentor for StartupBus


Do you have what it takes to be a Buspreneur? You know, conceive and launch a startup in a 72-hours—while on a bus—road-tripping to awaiting startup investors in Austin?

You’re picturing Keanu Reeves in the front, pacing the bus right?

What started out as an experiment by founder Elias Bizannes dubbed the StartupBus, turned into an extreme entrepreneurial competition in 2010 where a group of 25 strangers were thrown together on a bus to create a startup concept. And if that wasn’t enough pressure, participants are traveling to SXSW’s Startup Village in Austin, to get there by March 9th, to present six functional prototype web services.

Basically, StartupBus serves as a startup vehicle (literally and figuratively).

This year, StartupBus has expanded into 10 buses traveling to SXSW are coming from New York City, Cincinnati, Boston, Silicon Valley, Florida, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico, Washington D.C.

Doejo’s own Phil Tadros was chosen this year to be a “Hustler” for the Boston team. A “Hustler” acts as a “business acumen,” mentoring teams along the way. Boston bus “Conductor” Igor Lebovic said he chose Phil because of his experience, way of thinking and ability to tackle a time-sensitive competition.

“The bus will have a variety of skills and personalities,” Igor said in an email. “On the other side of that scale, you’ll find some MIT/Harvard 20-year-old’s who could use some directional guidance but are absolutely stunning in coding. Overall, I am looking for balance in hard and soft skills, and Phil seemed to match a role that I was trying to fill.”

We’re pumped to see the inevitable trip updates on Phil’s photoblog!

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