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When asked if he’s more of a coffee guy or a Doejo guy, Tadros picks the latter without hesitation. “Coffee for me has always been about the people and the…

Doejo: Do As Many Things As You Love

Why should you limit yourself? says Philip Tadros, founder of Doejo. I bet you’ll have a hard time keeping up with all the different projects he’s taken on. He owns coffee…

Quietly Developing Ideas

If you have a degree in what field is it? I didn’t graduate, but did attend Columbia College. Since then, I have been featured in their alumni magazine and was invited…

Phil chosen as mentor for StartupBus

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How to Hire in Chicago

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“Phil is an interesting fellow. I’ve known him for quite some time, and every time that we connect, I always learn something from him. I like to surround myself with people that challenge me–people that make me think, and Phil does just that. His ideas and beliefs are unique, and I feel that they make people push their limits and try new things…whether it’s a business plan, a management style, or way of life.

Phil and I worked together several years ago. He has incredible connections and he connected me with great talent in the Chicago area. I am a recruiter/headhunter and due to Phil’s massive network, I was able to help my clients find great candidates that they otherwise would have not found.

I deeply appreciate my relationship with Phil, and know he has and will continue to do great things.”

Erika Barnish
Owner at Solid State Construction

“Great boss.”

Tif Harrison
Ensemble Member at The Neo-Futurists

“One of Phil’s places, Noble Tree is a great coffee shop. It’s at 2444 N Clark (; check it out! Phil was kind enough to host Local First Chicago there. He’s great and so is Noble Tree!”

Rachelle Jervis
President and Chief Executive Officer at Executive Service Corps

“Phil is enthused about the progress of the projects that he is involved in. Almost obsessive like a crazy man, but in the best way. He is more interested in the success of a project rather than how it will reflect his name. He’s a great business person who is more like a philanthropist rather than a run of the mill blue tooth ear piece wearing money mongerer.”

John Mokate
Video Editor

“Phil from my experience is a motivated and level headed entrepreneur. He knows what he wants and is very easy to do business with. Highly recommended and makes a great cup of joe as well!”

Christopher Zwirn
Owner, In Sight Sign Company

Phil has an amazing ability to bring people together to accomplish their financial dreams and business goals. His talents as a community organizer and legal negotiator are unparalleled amongst entrepreneurs in Chicago’s emerging world business market.

Gary Britton
Manager at Personal Electronic Solutions

“Phil has restored my faith that interest in business development, community development and quality of life need not be mutually exclusive. The energy that he approaches everything he does with is admirable and at times astonishing and I have enjoyed every moment of working with him. If you are so lucky as to do business with him, you will certainly gain much more than a successful venture.”

Vincent Ricciardi
Multimedia Artist + Engineer at Villinous

“Phil is a great guy. He is always ready to help. All you have to do is ask and he’ll make it happen if he can. Phil has created awesome places to network. I see why everyone loves to hang out at Dollop. I found Angel Damico my graphic designer on metroproper citizen media. Got post cards printed within 24 hours from M13 Graphics at a great price. It all came together because of Phil.”

John Sanfilippo
Real Estate Agent at @properties

“Phil is a really amazing person, and its been a pleasure working on all of his fun projects. He is an awesome business man, also kind and considerate and has accomplished so many things in his life. I am very proud to be working with him!”

Angel D'Amico - Bauer
Freelance Graphic Design and Illustrator - Owner/Creator of Mad Love Shop

“I’ve had various dealings with Mr. Tadros over the past several years and I know him to be an extremely creative “out of the box” thinker with the ability to implement and achieve objectives through superior organizational and motivational skills — a rare combination in this day and age.

Quirky, but lovable and extremely capable.”

John Michailidis
November 18, 2007, John worked with Philip but at different companies

Phil is enrolling the talents of several individuals to help him build a business to business on-line social network. Simlar to LinkedIn, Metroproper will highlight and profile small business clustered by city and neighborhood. Thios model is useful for small business people and consumers seeking out local goods and services or niche specialities not easily navigatable on the net.

Joe Green
Performance Accountability Coordinator at Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)

“If you want to know how to get people together, talk to Phil! His passion and drive is infectious and makes you want to know who he knows.”

Theresa Goodrich
Author, Publisher, Traveler, Photographer, Emmy-winner

“Philip is an excellent entrepreneur and has always been a good mentor for us. His foresight in his businesses and industry trends mixed with a never-say-die attitude really pushes peopel and projects forward! He encourages and supports us a lot in our endeavours. We worked with him on several independant projects and really enjoying working with him. He has a lot of patience and really understands people. It was really good working with him. Thanks for everything Philip!”

Suren Konathala
Programmer, Enterprise Architect, Computer Scientist, Inventor, Author, Speaker

“Phil and I met as we were both speaking at a conference- GREAT GUY and has been very generous in his efforts to help Imerman Angels 1on1 Cancer Support spread the word!!! Phil is a self-starter and vision-guy, and I have no doubt will continue to build great things where no such thing existed before!! Keep it up Philly!! “

Jonny Imerman
Co-Founder CLOZTALK ("Quality, Nonprofit-Logo Swag") & IMERMAN ANGELS (1:1 Cancer Support; 501c3); Chi/Detroit/New York

“When someone says “entrepreneur” to you, Phil’s face should pop into your mind. A whirling dervish of creative energy and ideas, Phil separates himself from the rest of the crowd by harnessing that lightning in a bottle by making them a reality. Phil attracts talented people through the lure of coffee’s ability to increase productivity. They stay around because they’re activated to make cool things happen by Phil’s concept of zero barriers. There is method to his madness. “

Josh Culley-Foster
Entrepreneurial leader and changemaker with social-good scruples.

“Phil is one of those unique individuals who has the midas touch, kinda like an Oprah. Anything he touches turns to gold. He is most inventive, curious, problem solving, kind, and always working on something very exciting and avant-garde. If you have the opportunity to work on a project with him, you are very fortunate to see his beautiful mind at work. “

Pilaar Pantoja
Organizational Manager at International Women Associates

“Philip knows what he’s doing when it comes to providing wonderful, comforting atmospheres that promote warmth and togetherness when it comes to his coffee shop environments. He has a knack for hiring great people that help to further that ambiance. I can only imagine he is able to extend this skill to other types of businesses….like Doejo for example!”

Zahra Ali, AIA, WELL AP
Senior Project Architect at The We Company

“Phil is a super business minded person that I enjoy working with and bouncing ideas off. He has donated to the Non-Profit NWaC,as well as help us develop our website. He is truly talented and professional and I highly recommend him.”

Jill Sandmire
Leasing Agent at Chicago Apartment Finders

“I’ve worked with Phil on multiple occasions, and I would consider Phil one of the true thought leaders in the Chicago startup scene.I’m looking forward to seeing what Phil and Doejo produce next!”

Geoff Domoracki
Founder at Dev Network

“Phil is a textbook entrepreneur who is constantly proving hisability to bring projects to life. Not only is Phil a great leader buthe truly knows how to encourage and promote creativity withinhis organization. Whether you’re looking for a great cup of coffeeor top notch creative work, Phil is your guy.”

Elliott Garms
Co-Founder at human predictions

“Phil is always fun to work with. He is always down to help you out in anyway he can. Wether it is beta testing your latest new product, telling people on the street to use your app, tips on marketing/design/legal, or even just giving you a hug when you really need one.”

Rishi Shah
CEO & Co-Founder at Digioh | Capture more leads & recover abandoned carts | Forms, landing pages, and preference centers

“Since the day Phil and I started working together on Local Habit and things related to it, I have been nothing but inspired. It was really nice dealing with an agency that understood start-ups. Phil being a serial entrepreneur really showed empathy and support all the way through. He didn’t always say the things we wanted to hear but the things we needed to hear- i.e., keeping things simple, releasing the product on time vs. holding back to add features. Another thing that draws us to Phil and Doejo is the quality of their work and team. Each Doejo team member we have worked with has added value to the process. We have done everything with Doejo from web design to Iphone App Development. We are so pleased with the working relationship that we have held back in hiring designers for our next few projects and will outsource to Doejo. When you outsource with Doejo, you feel like the person you are working with is a part of your team. Phil is a respected member of the start-up community in Chicago and known by key individuals outside Chicago. I look forward to working with Phil and Doejo in the future. “

Stanley Gauss
Digital Pioneer and Media Marketing Executive

“I have worked with Phil in a number of different situations. In every occasion he has been diligent, professional and timely. He accomplishes his goals quickly and in the most efficient manner.”

Marcus Sullivan
Senior Advisor at Sperry Van Ness Chicago

“I first spoke to Phil about a year ago when we were looking some creative talent that raised the bar from typical to exceptional. Doejo was on the short list, and after speaking with Phil it was clear Doejo and team was the choice. We’ve worked with many from the Doejo team over the past year on multiple engagements. It was the first time we have ever had a creative team literally nail it on the first try every time. Phil has managed to create a dynamic, ultra-creative culture with Doejo that resonates with everyone there. As someone that has created multiple businesses, it’s refreshing to have that creative partner that gets it. “

Chad Osgood
Entrepreneur, technologist, CEO of Premier Logic, an ALTEN Calsoft Labs company. Ask me about AI and RPA!

“As Event Coordinator at the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to work with Phil on several projects. Phil was always great to work with – very energetic, full of great ideas and always willing to contribute in any way he can. In addition, he was always willing to help out fellow small business owners by way of social media training seminars. And I’m sure like many others, I’m amazed at how much he has – and continues to – accomplish. “

Lisa Chatroop
Content Director at imagination.

“Phil implemented his creative and innovative strategies to assist in branding Annabelle Lee and drive additional traffic to the website. He has been proven to achieve superior results in marketing, social media, and web design work for entrepreneurs and professionals in various sectors.”

Annabelle A. Lee, LUTCF
Registered Representative at MassMutual

“Phil and the uber-creative team at Doejo have been instrumental in helping me transform a concept into a truly impressive web experience. Their collective creativity – from graphic design to site architecture – has exceeded my expectations. Phil and his team also demonstrate a unique understanding of the business behind the site – they’ve worked with enough web start-ups to be able to provide some great insights into the monetization/customer acquisition side of things – and have helped guide me along the way. Again, beyond what I expected. Phil, along with every other Doejo’er, have been incredibly responsive and easy (dare I say, fun?!) to work with. Questions are quickly answered and problems are quickly solved. Again, I have been truly impressed with Phil and his team’s creativity, and their ability to orchestrate/transform the many moving parts into a clean, unique and functional user experience. I highly recommend Phil and the guys at Doejo – they make great stuff! “

Mike Pacifico
VP of Finance at Arteza (we're hiring!) | Ecommerce | Startup CFO

“A life long friend of Phil Tadros I’m not surprised he is where he is today. A self motivated entrepreneur from day one Phil has the amazing ability and drive to take an idea and mold it into greatness. When I started my career in Real Estate Phil was the one I turned to for help growing my business and marketing myself.”

Mike Ryan
Real Estate

“I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with Phil and watching him morph into one of the brightest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. Recently, I’ve been working with Phil on his marketing materials for Doejo. His vision for branding is just as visionary as his ability to start up a company. He takes a fresh, fun approach to his marketing materials, which is a welcome change for me. He’s one of the brightest stars in Chicago and one to watch.”

Gina Sanderson
Business Development Manager at HALO Branded Solutions

“I have known Phil for years and have been amazed with his tireless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering desire to create an atmosphere where creativity and productivity are second senses to those around him. He has an amazing drive and ability to motivate those people and to create dynamic campaigns and produce tremendous results. It has been a pleasure working with Phil and I am eager to pursue another project with him and his team. “

Jeremy Kudan
Principal, Kudan Group, Inc.

“I’ve known Phil since 2001 when I first worked for him at Chase Cafe. Phil is a one-of-a-kind, sincere, honest and natural-born leader – not just because he is a solid businessman but also because he is able to harness the talents of those around him with great respect. For almost 10 years (gosh) I have worked with Phil on connecting reliable contacts within Chicago on various professional projects. I recommend him because he knows what he’s doing and he does it well. “

Sarah Ruth Finkel
Analyst Web II at UNM Hospitals

“Phil and the team at Doejo were an extension of my company throughout the entire project. Each of the members handed off duties throughout the phases like a well orchestrated football team. They delivered a terrific website within a seemingly impossible deadline, tight budget, and demanding creative look and feel. “

Rich Goodman
Transmedia Toy Innovator

“Phils creative ideas and superb network make him uniquely qualified to work on business development including our new web site His skills extend to PR, Design and general business consulting. He has been a great mentor and supporter through his ideas and enthusiasm and did a top rate job with his staff on our website and is assisting in our growth and eventual move to the city. His ideas have stimulated my entire staff and I am forever grateful for his assistance. I have referred him to numerous clients and each one has benefited from his unique approach. In turn, he has referred me people from his network who have greatly contributed to our efficiency.”

Jeremy Kudan
Principal, Kudan Group, Inc.

“Phil is a great person to start a project with. Very open minded and creative. He has more than enough experience to make any operation run smoothly. His network is extremely valuable in any situation for any project.”

John Mokate
Video Editor

“Phil has great talent in communicating his vision, goals and direction of a project. In the short amount of time I have worked with Phil I can tell that he has passion for his work and delivers it all in tasteful fashion. I am excited at the possibilities for future collaboration.”

Shaun Crittenden
Product Designer

“Phil is great to work with because he understands how to keepyou motivated. Working with Phil at Doejo Media has been greatbecause I have a lot of flexibility; even when my primary job takesmost of my time, Phil understands and just keeps the projectsmoving along!”

Josh Minnich
Senior Software Engineer at Scribd

“Phil’s awesome, a great thinker; very creative and always thinking outside conventional paradigms. As we grow at Metropolis Coffee Co, I’ll always ask for Phil’s input. By the way, his sense of humor, great friendliness and listening abilities make Phil not only a good businessman but also someone who can help you think through things in meaningful ways.”

jeff dreyfuss
Owner, Metropolis Coffee Company

“As a customer of Dollop, I feel Philip has done an excellent job with his coffee house. Dollop has a very cozy and inviting atmosphere due to his design skills and the staff employed there, and of course excellent array of baked goods and coffee/espresso beverages. I am very excited about the new coffee shop opening even closer to where I live: Noble Tree Coffe & Tea!”

Zahra Ali, AIA, WELL AP
Senior Project Architect at The We Company

“Phil is “cool people”. He does something few can-bring divergent groups together in the name of a comon experience. As a business owner this is critical. Phil’s a trustworthy guy. He sticks to what he says and supplies great service. It’s impossible to root for a guy like that; and on a business level it’s nothing but an asset to have him in your corner. “

Hadji Williams
Words Still Matter.

“Philip is a tremendously resourceful individual with a wealth of knowledge about business. He has been invaluable to me in the development of both retail and service oriented businesses, and I am grateful to have made his acquaintance. In the future I anticipate we will see many successful ventures associated with this man.”

Igor Ilyinsky
Legal Industry Entrepreneur with Fresh Marketing Ideas for Managing Partners and Law Firms

“Phil knows how to hit the sweet spot in his business endeavors.He can set the stage in the proper environment, staff, execute,and produce a quality interactive experience.”

Ken Pearl
Global Market Segment Leader - Data Center, Cloud & Co-lo at C&D Technologies