Phil and the uber-creative team at Doejo

“Phil and the uber-creative team at Doejo have been instrumental in helping me transform a concept into a truly impressive web experience. Their collective creativity – from graphic design to site architecture – has exceeded my expectations. Phil and his team also demonstrate a unique understanding of the business behind the site – they’ve worked with enough web start-ups to be able to provide some great insights into the monetization/customer acquisition side of things – and have helped guide me along the way. Again, beyond what I expected. Phil, along with every other Doejo’er, have been incredibly responsive and easy (dare I say, fun?!) to work with. Questions are quickly answered and problems are quickly solved. Again, I have been truly impressed with Phil and his team’s creativity, and their ability to orchestrate/transform the many moving parts into a clean, unique and functional user experience. I highly recommend Phil and the guys at Doejo – they make great stuff! “